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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cleveland, the Best Kept Secret 3

More thinking, including that of children:

Cleveland, the Best Kept Secret 2

More thinking:

While I am not against using the F bomb to stress a point, I debated whether to 'edit' obscenity and disrespect out for the sake of palatability. Both are a part of the human condition and interactions we have with and between each other. The fact that this is truly one of the few times it has been used is by far a bigger, bolder statement.

Cleveland, the Best Kept Secret

Cleveland has got to be one of the best kept secrets, politics aside. It's reputation of being dirty, in anyway you can imagine it, is way off the mark and probably perpetuated by those who've never been here OR by those who want to keep THEM away. Here is what Clevelanders petition for:

This petition is actually 2, one to stop eating meat and an obvious reaction from, I would presume, a meat eater???