What To Do If You Are Passed a Book

Add your petition and pass the book onto someone who will do the same. Please send the book back when full or if you have no one you can pass it to. The deadline of April 1. 2011, is to avoid the postal increase set to happen mid April. Send it back even if you miss the deadline. By putting the Petition Box Project address as the return address also, the additional postage will be covered on this end.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hand print

I am really intrigued by the actual handwriting of these. Each person has their own, unique mark making.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sticking a Toe In

This is the start, of what is hoped to be an informative collection and many discoveries. As one prone to ask questions and answer them with mark making, the end results is to be determined by the direction of the collection. Why collect petitions? Petitions are proactive, a voice spoken and request for change made. Are we heard, not just the words but the content, by anyone? By ourselves? Is there even time to? I can't answer for anyone but myself. I am listening and in listening, will be changed. Here's a few from my first foray into soliciting.

I had this elaborate plan to make actual boxes and place them all around, but the logistics and opportunity led to scaling down. The actual pads are recycled paper from the myriad of mail, bills, ads, etc, that bombards me on a daily basis, a great metaphor for life in the land of the living and the only good use I have found for most of it.  Now, I admit it is not the most sophisticated looking thing, but it had a good trial run, on a bus headed for NYC full of college age free thinkers happy for the adventure. I ended up ripping the pad off and tucking it in a pocket, much less cumbersome on foot in NYC. I missed a subway stop chatting up and getting 'willing' petitioners. Met very nice people in restaurants, stores and on the street.  Definitely not the ideal way to do it, but the ball is rolling.....slowly. Here are some posts from that trip.

There is a range of petitions but these a good sampling.