What To Do If You Are Passed a Book

Add your petition and pass the book onto someone who will do the same. Please send the book back when full or if you have no one you can pass it to. The deadline of April 1. 2011, is to avoid the postal increase set to happen mid April. Send it back even if you miss the deadline. By putting the Petition Box Project address as the return address also, the additional postage will be covered on this end.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Heart of the Matter

When I started the project, I really had no idea what the end results was going to be. I am a picture maker, but there was no picture evolving. It seems like a pantomime of the invisible was taking shape. One that has to be recognized through the heart and not the eyes. That in itself is an interesting layer to the project. It is my belief that creativity is not just reserved for the few we call 'artists'. What is an artist anyway, but a label assigned our accepted. Creativity is  a direct pipeline between that which is bigger and far better than ourselves and where we hope to go while looking for it. Interesting.... interesting... interesting.