What To Do If You Are Passed a Book

Add your petition and pass the book onto someone who will do the same. Please send the book back when full or if you have no one you can pass it to. The deadline of April 1. 2011, is to avoid the postal increase set to happen mid April. Send it back even if you miss the deadline. By putting the Petition Box Project address as the return address also, the additional postage will be covered on this end.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Philly 2010 Petitions 3

Philly 2010 Petitions 2

Philly 2010 Petitions 1

I was in Philadelphia for a print conference and circulated Petition Box books. It was adults from different parts of the country, ranging from college art majors to practicing adults and professors. There was great interest in reading what others had written.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Place to Call Home

I once read that when people have the basics of what they need they can focus on living beyond them, to what they want and hope for themselves and each other. Just looking at people from the outside, it's hard to grasp the possibilities of what gnaws then on the inside. A sense of home and place are a common petition...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Now What?

That is an interesting question. Now that I have the ball rolling, albeit slowly, what does that mean? I can't look too far down the lane or I'd think of the possibility of being crushed in 3" squares of paper. Today is today. I woke up, got out of bed, brushed my teeth, dressed, (not in that order) opened the blinds and started thinking about you, this petition and what I was going to do with it, today. You made me think, and some days that is the beauty of a moment. Thank you. Now, what are you going to do?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wresting Match

I request an arm wrestling match with Jesus, followed by a victory dinner of beef and cheese snacks. The imagery trailing across my mind on this one is interesting to say the least. Which "Jesus" would it be? Blond hair blue eyed, Middle Eastern, African, Chinese??????

Friday, March 5, 2010

Recycled Thinking

Is there such a thing as neutrality???? Can anything be done that is not biased in some way?  The use of recycled paper... will it influence the outcome of the request for a petition or do people really think with conviction? Will bits of delinquent text or imagery change what someone would request? How important is it? I don't know what to say about any of that, but I really like the placement of text relative to the selected pages they are written on. Recycled paper is a metaphor for the kind of make do thinking the onslaught of daily life requires. The choice to participate in this project, in the stream of possible alternatives, is a statement in itself.  I think it will all be ok in any case.