What To Do If You Are Passed a Book

Add your petition and pass the book onto someone who will do the same. Please send the book back when full or if you have no one you can pass it to. The deadline of April 1. 2011, is to avoid the postal increase set to happen mid April. Send it back even if you miss the deadline. By putting the Petition Box Project address as the return address also, the additional postage will be covered on this end.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Family, can't live with sometimes and can't live without them most of the time. 

Call for Artists

It seemed like such a good idea! Cleveland Public Theatre sent out a call for musicians, performers and installation artists. Now, I have never considered myself an installation artist, but it seemed like a good logical step in continuing this project and collecting/sharing more petitions. How hard could it be? I had never been on CPT campus, which I found out is very large, with multiple buildings and parking lots. My first thought, and one that I proposed, was centered around the idea of sharing the experience, like a reading room. I have about 150 petitions from Cleveland, NYC and Philly. People seem to be very interested in reading what others have written before adding their own.

Turned out to be not quite enough. Although they liked the idea they were wondering how much of an "environment" I could create. That got me thinking in a different way. What if... my favorite words before jumping off the cliff of 'new creative opportunities'... What if I could use a space, fill it with imagery that comes from thinking about the project, lead people through it logically enough that they would offer their petitions without my personal intervention. It feels more than a little intimidating to ask people face to face if they would like to participate in my social art project. Most people have no idea what that even means and not too keen on opening up to a stranger so quickly. Hmmm, what could that environment look like?